Industrial engineering has changed so radically within the past two decades that the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) has been considering changing its name to something broader. The term “engineering” often connotes development of a process or production system; but, “industrial” has changed from manufacturing to service-based operations. This is why the following top 50 industrial engineering blogs contain writings about financial engineering, operations research and operations, project and supply-chain management, product lifecycle management (PLM), statistics, analytics and machine learning blogs.

Operations ResearchOperations Research Blogs

  1. A Random Forest: Research interests include bioinformatics, health informatics, operations research, analytics, machine learning, statistics, artificial intelligence and numerical analysis.
  2. greenOR: This site has information about the intersection of operations research (OR) with sustainability areas such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, green products and supply chains.
  3. Güzin Bayraksan’s OR Blog: An assistant professor in the Systems and Industrial Engineering Department at the University of Arizona provides thoughts on OR applications, news and education.
  4. IEOR Tools: Use this blog to maximize productivity with industrial engineer and operations research tools.
  5. INFORMS Blog: The official blog for the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences.
  6. Michael Trick’s Operations Research Blog: Michael currently is Associate Dean, Research and Professor of Operations Research at the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon.
  7. O.R. by the Beach: Tallys Yunes (Ph.D. in Operations Research from Carnegie Mellon University) is an assistant professor of Management Science at the School of Business Administration at the University of Miami.
  8. OR in an OB World: Paul Rubin offers a mix of operations research items and software tricks.
  9. Punk Rock Operations Research: This blog is maintained by Laura McLay from the Department of Statistical Sciences and Operations Research at Virginia Commonwealth University.
  10. The Operations Room: Kellogg School of management offers a forum for discussing current topics in operations management.
  11. ThinkOR — Think Operations Research: An exchange corner for the OR professionals, an OR information source for the general public.

Supply ChainOperations and Project Management Blogs

  1. drunkenpm: This blog is mirrored on GanttHead, with a focus on software development.
  2. Fear No Project — A Project Management Blog: Sharing thoughts and experience on issues affecting project managers and the world of project management.
  3. Herding Cats: Ideas, comments and resources about project management from field experiences and
  4. Industrial PR: Stay on top of public relations offered by IE businesses. IndustrialPR is a division of the Industrial Leaders Group.
  5. Journyx Project Management Blog: A PM blog by Journyx, the creator of web-based time tracking industry.
  6. Matching Supply with Demand: This blog is written by Gerard Cachon and Christian Terwiesch to report on and to discuss all that is new and current about Operations Management.
  7. Mosaicproject’s Blog: This blog provides one idea on how an online communications tool can be used to train, control and provide effective outcomes.
  8. Musings on Project Management: An opinion on project management from a practicing program manager, author,and coach.
  9. The Critical Path by Derek Huether: Derek has been working on a book called “Zombie Project Management” which should be available before spring 2011.
  10. Who said supply chains are boring? Christopher Sciacca is determined to make supply chains exciting for readers.

MoneyFinancial Engineering Blogs

  1. Calculated Risk: Mr. McBride holds an MBA from the University of California, Irvine, and has a background in management, finance and economics.
  2. Economist’s View: Mark Thoma is professor of economics at the University of Oregon’s Department of Economics.
  3. Eight to Late: Kailash Awati manages information systems development at a pharmaceutical multinational in Australia.
  4. Freakonomics: Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner are the authors of Freakonomics and SuperFreakonomics. This blog, begun in 2005, is meant to keep the conversation going.
  5. Gal Zahavi’s blog: Dr. Gal Zahavi heads the Financial Engineering Laboratory at the Israel Institute of Technology.
  6. Grasping Reality with Both Hands: This is economist J. Bradford DeLong’s semi-daily journal from the Department of Economics, UC Berkeley.
  7. Greg Mankiw’s Blog: Random observations for economics students from an economics professor at Harvard.
  8. Marginal Revolution: Dr. Tyler Cowen and Dr. Alex Tabarrok from George Mason University offer their takes on financial engineering for a “much better world.”
  9. Numerix Blog: Numerix is an independent analytics provider for derivatives and structured products.
  10. Rortybomb: Mike Konczal, a former financial engineer, is a fellow with the Roosevelt Institute, who also blogs at New Deal 2.0, and is working on financial reform.
  11. Yves Hilpisch’s Blog: Dr. Yves Hilpisch is founder and managing director of Visixion GmbH, the developer of DEXISION, as well as of FINCAP GmbH.

StatisticsMachine Learning, Statistics, Analytics

  1. Data Mining Research: This blog covers both research and applications in data mining, including recent applications, important events, current trends, book reviews, etc.
  2. Flowing Data: Nathan Yau highlights how designers, programmers, and statisticians are putting data to good use.
  3. Machine Learning (Theory): This is an experiment in the application of a blog to academic research in machine learning and learning theory by John Langford, Doctor of Learning at Yahoo! Research.
  4. Machine Learning, etc: Yaroslav Bulatov offers tons of information, links and resources.
  5. Measuring Measures: Bradford Cross is co-founder and head of research for FlightCaster.
  6. Nuit Blanche: This blog is focused on the technical solutions of different important open problems and the tools needed to solve them.
  7. Social Media, Data Mining & Machine Learning: This blog is all about the title, including systems management.
  8. The Art of the Plan: Marc has been “some kind of analyst” for years. We think he’s a skeptical analyst.
  9. This Number Crunching Life: Randomness upon randomness from a PhD student and member of the Machine Learning Research Group, University of Toronto.

PLMProduct Lifecycle Management Blogs

  1. Clarity on PLM: Clarity on software for innovation, product development, engineering, and manufacturing from Tech-Clarity.
  2. Develop 3D: Get your fill of technology for the product lifecycle at this blog, filled with design and crowd-sourcing.
  3. Get Savvy about PLM: Laila Hirr has over 15 years experience in the PLM industry, working with dozens of large and mid-sized manufacturing companies on developing their PLM requirements.
  4. Jos Voskuil’s Weblog: Jos now works as a business consultant with a focus on mid-market companies, where he assists PLM implementers and customers in their stepped approach towards PLM.
  5. Not Just Russian CAD/PLM: David Levin is founder and CEO and editor of
  6. PLM Market Place: Use this blog to connect with other PLM engineers, companies and specialists.
  7. PLM Think Tank: Oleg Shilovitsky offers his daily perspectives on PLM. He also has a new blog at Beyond PLM, where he discuses information and comments about engineering and manufacturing.
  8. Raykurland’s Blog: Raymond Kurland is president of TechniCom Group LLC and its principal consultant and editor. He offers views on the mechancial CAD/PLM industry with this blog.
  9. The Vuuch Voice: This is an enterprise social system for PLM and CAD users.

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