Engineering is one of the noblest professions on the Earth and is involved in activities of modern life. Below is a brief of 10 great engineers of present age without whom inventions it is difficult to imagine modern life. Their passion has changed entire human civilization.

  1. James Watt: His improvement on steam engine begun a new industrial revolution and during the periods of 1760s he devoted most of his time in improving efficiency of steam engine. And his improvements become so much popular that people started describing him as inventor of steam engine. His mechanical advances earned him reputation and patents as his engines were used for coal mining, textile manufacturing, transportation and lots of other industrial uses.
  2. Hero of Alexandria: He is known for discovering a form of steam or jet engine where jets of steam spin a ball as earlier as in 50 AD as named during that time Aeolipile. But he was ignored of what his device can achieve and think of that merely as a toy. He also wrote many works on topics as related to pneumatics to mathematics to physics.
  3. Wilbur and Orville Wright: Wilbur and Orville better known as Wright Brothers made it to be a practical reality to fly in the Sky. After experimenting several times with kites and gliders they alerted the shape of the wing in mid flight by decreasing and increasing the speeds. Wright brother also introduced propeller design and aerodynamics into the flight.
  4. Henry Ford: He developed better method to develop a car as to be possessed by every common man. In car manufacturing, he brings about four principles of interchangeable parts, continuous flow, division of labor and reducing wasted efforts. In 1913, he came up with first ever moving assembly line used for large scale car manufacturing.
  5. Thomas Edison: He has recognition of been one of the most admiring inventors of human civilization. He has as far as 1069 patents to his name including light bulb, stock ticker, motion picture camera and projector, and hundreds and many  more. It is merely dream to think about modern life without his inventions.
  6. Leonardo da Vinci: He is considered as one of the most prominent visionary and scientist of civilization. He predicted the evolution of every big scientific invention of present time from the tank to submarine centuries ago. Many of his designs like bridges, hang-gliders, transmissions, parachutes, and more according to modern engineers were quite realistic and practical.
  7. Alan Turing: He is known for his contribution to computing that has made use of computers very easy and practical. He developed binary architecture that presently is used every computer and is real theory about behind every computers. For his contribution to computing he is known as father of computer.
  8. Nicolaus Otto: He was a German inventor who developed the four-stroke or Otto cycle engine that gave birth to the concept of motor care. His Otto cycle engine works in four steps drawing in fuel and air, compressing the mixture, igniting it and expelling the exhaust.
  9. Nikola Tesla: For his inventions he is known as the greatest of all electrical engineers. His inventions include fluorescent lighting, the Tesla coil, the induction motor, and 3-phase electricity. He developed the AC-current generation system comprised of a motor and a transformer.
  10. Archimedes: Archimedes came up with the simple yet wise idea of estimating an object’s volume by measuring the amount of water displaced by the object. He also invented the catapult, levers and pulleys, and the Archimedean screw, equipment that is used for pulling up water for irrigation and mining.

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